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In case you cannot find the language in our list which you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us anyway! With the help of our database we will definitely find solutions for your demands.


It is always included in the price. The format and the segments of the translations are completed correspondently with those of the original document.


Our company places great importance on data protection, therefore we bind to secrecy and under no circumstance do we give out to a third party any information, data or fact that has come to our attention or knowledge.

Our Rates:

Depending on the language, on the type, on the length and on the deadline of the document to be translated, our offer is always fitted uniquely to the inquiry. Ask for a customized offer!

The basis of translation rates is the number of the characters counted in the translated target text; it is calculated with spaces and with the help of the character counter of MS Office Word.


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